Oliva at Aurora Anguilla Resort


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Oliva at Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club is a culinary gem that promises an unparalleled dining experience on the picturesque shores of Anguilla. With its stunning beachfront location and sophisticated ambiance, Oliva effortlessly blends modern elegance with the natural beauty of its surroundings.

As you step into Oliva, you are greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere, characterized by contemporary design elements and an abundance of natural light. The restaurant’s interior showcases a harmonious blend of earthy tones, sleek furnishings, and tasteful decor, creating an atmosphere that is both chic and relaxed.

Oliva takes pride in offering an exceptional menu that celebrates the finest in Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. Renowned for its dedication to using locally sourced ingredients, the restaurant showcases the flavors of the region in every dish. From freshly caught seafood to garden-fresh vegetables and fragrant herbs, Oliva’s culinary team crafts dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delicious.

Guests can choose to dine on the expansive outdoor terrace, where they can savor their meal while enjoying panoramic views of the azure Caribbean waters. The gentle sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline provides a soothing backdrop to this al fresco dining experience, making it the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or a memorable celebration.

The carefully curated wine list at Oliva offers a diverse selection of international and local wines, expertly chosen to complement the menu’s flavors. The attentive and knowledgeable staff is always on hand to assist with wine pairings, ensuring that your dining experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two, a family celebration, or a memorable evening with friends, Oliva at Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club is the perfect destination. With its idyllic location, Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, and impeccable service, Oliva invites you to indulge in a culinary journey that will leave your senses delighted and your heart yearning for more.