Moke Anguilla


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Moke Anguilla Rental on Meads Bay

Moke Anguilla is a great way to tour the island in a bright and festive vehicle perfect for the Caribbean. We are located on Meads Bay just next to Leons.

This is the story of how MOKE became a design icon and much-loved beach accessory.

From St Barth to St Tropez, we can be found in elegant resorts around the world. It’s design, perfect for costal roads, a day out surfing or an evening barbeque by the beach. Although, wet swimwear and sandy toes were far from Sir Alec Issigonis mind when he first designed the iconic silhouette back in 1959.

The MOKE Anguilla continues to be treasured for its unique styling and the feelings of freedom it evokes. Once again, the MOKE is becoming the must-have luxury beach accessory – from St Barth to St Tropez, and in all the world’s sunniest destinations. ​