Anguilla Youth Sailing Club


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Anguilla Youth Sailing Club: Nurturing the Next Generation of Sailors

The Anguilla Youth Sailing Club is a dynamic and vibrant organization dedicated to fostering a love for sailing among the young minds of Anguilla. Nestled on the pristine shores of this Caribbean paradise, our club is a beacon of opportunity, offering children and teenagers an exhilarating journey into the world of sailing. With a rich maritime tradition and a commitment to skill development, the Anguilla Youth Sailing Club is a haven where dreams set sail.

Mission and Values: At the core of our mission lies the aspiration to empower Anguilla’s youth with the skills, confidence, and values that sailing imparts. We believe in:

    1. Education: Our club places a strong emphasis on education. We teach the art of sailing, navigational skills, and boat maintenance, instilling a sense of responsibility, teamwork, and resilience in our young sailors.

    1. Inclusivity: We are committed to making sailing accessible to all. Our programs are designed to be inclusive, welcoming youth of all backgrounds and abilities. We aim to break down barriers and create a diverse sailing community.

    1. Environmental Stewardship: As stewards of the ocean, we instill a deep appreciation for the marine environment in our members. We educate our youth on the importance of sustainability and protecting the fragile ecosystems that surround us.

Programs: The Anguilla Youth Sailing Club offers a range of programs designed to cater to various age groups and skill levels:

    1. Youth Sailing Classes: From beginners to advanced sailors, our classes are tailored to individual needs. We provide a safe and supportive environment for learning and skill development.

    1. Competitive Sailing: For those who wish to take their passion for sailing to the next level, our competitive sailing teams participate in local and international regattas, offering opportunities for growth and achievement.

    1. Summer Camps: Our summer camps are a perfect blend of fun and education, allowing kids to explore the joys of sailing while making lifelong friends.

    1. Community Outreach: We are actively engaged in community outreach programs, bringing the magic of sailing to underserved areas and promoting water safety.

Anguilla Sailing Club provides kids and adults with the experience and skills to last the rest of their lives. We also ensured that the great Anguilla sailing tradition lives on in the new generations of sailors, with many of our graduates sailing on local boats.

Assuring every child has a chance to learn sailing is our primary purpose. Therefore, our policy is not to turn away any student who desires to learn sailing, has good behavior, and is willing to put forward the necessary effort. Approximately 70 percent of our students are on scholarships and pay no fees