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Anguilla Initiative seeks to improve the quality of life of native Anguillans by soliciting contributions to worthy causes that improve the educational, health, or social well-being of the citizens of Anguilla. More specifically, The Anguilla Initiative seeks to provide charitable contributions that will focus on projects supporting any of the following:

    • Programs providing social and other assistance to the elderly ​

    • Programs focused on improving the health and welfare of Anguillans​

    • Programs that fund educational facilities and materials

    • Programs centered on protecting Anguilla’s pristine natural environment and cultural heritage

While no donation is too small to be significant, the Anguilla Initiative will be focused on solicitation of donations from those affluent repeat visitors who think of Anguilla as their personal paradise, and will work with local charities to identify projects where we can have a meaningful impact. 

Learn about their Project Inspire

Project INSPIRE begins as a Pilot at the Orealia Kelly Primary School in the Valley. Through this Pilot, we will provide a device for every student and teacher, an interactive display for each classroom, and other supporting technology infrastructure. The Department of Information Technology & E-Government Services (“DITES”) will be provided a series of IT management tools that enable the scalable oversight of this infrastructure. Additionally, the project seeks to provide the high-quality teacher training and support that is crucial to success, empowering teachers to leverage technology and provide transformational educational experiences to the children of Anguilla. 

What’s Next? How Can I Help? 

​Project INSPIRE’s Pilot is being funded through the generous support of philanthropic foundations and individual donors, in-kind assistance from the Anguilla Department of Education, and a charitable grant from a leading global technology provider. 

To expand beyond this initial pilot, we need your help.

The Anguilla Initiative will solicit funding for future expansion of Project INSPIRE beyond its initial pilot from individual donors, corporate sponsors, government entities and other non-government organizations.

​Securing funding for the expanded program, to include all schools across Anguilla, is a significant undertaking which has already begun. Additional financial donors will be needed. 

Please donate. Interested individuals, organizations, or government & non-government organizations may also contact Mr. Andreas Hunn at


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