Anguilla Football Association


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The Anguilla Football Association (AFA) is the governing body for the sport of football (soccer) in the British Overseas Territory of Anguilla, a beautiful and serene island located in the Caribbean. Established to promote and develop the sport of football on the island, the Anguilla Football Association plays a crucial role in fostering a love for the game and enhancing its growth and competitiveness at both the domestic and international levels.

Key aspects of the Anguilla Football Association include:

  1. Development of Football: AFA is dedicated to nurturing the talents of young players and providing opportunities for individuals of all ages to participate in the sport. The association organizes various youth development programs, clinics, and grassroots initiatives to cultivate the next generation of football stars.
  2. Domestic Competitions: AFA oversees the organization of various domestic leagues and competitions, including the Anguilla Premier League. These competitions serve as the primary stage for local clubs and players to showcase their skills and compete for national titles.
  3. International Representation: The Anguilla national football team, known as “The Anguilla Football Team,” represents the nation in international competitions such as CONCACAF and FIFA World Cup qualifiers. The AFA works tirelessly to support the national team’s preparation and participation in these global events.
  4. Infrastructure and Facilities: The association is committed to improving the quality of football infrastructure and facilities in Anguilla, ensuring that players have access to well-maintained pitches and training grounds.
  5. Coaching and Education: AFA offers coaching and education programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of coaches, referees, and other football administrators. These initiatives contribute to the overall development of the sport on the island.
  6. Community Engagement: Beyond the competitive aspects of the game, AFA is deeply engaged with the Anguillian community, using football as a vehicle for social development, health, and positive community engagement.
  7. Good Governance: The Anguilla Football Association places a strong emphasis on transparency, accountability, and the fair administration of the sport. It is guided by a constitution and a dedicated leadership team to ensure the highest standards of governance.

The Anguilla Football Association’s commitment to the growth and promotion of football in this picturesque Caribbean destination is reflected in its various activities and programs. It strives to not only enhance the island’s footballing prowess but also to foster a sense of unity, sportsmanship, and national pride among its people through the beautiful game.