A complete guide to all the beaches in Anguilla

Anguilla’s 33 Beaches each have a special and unique character. Some of them are difficult to find but here is a small look at each beach on the island.. Encourage all of you, locals and visitors, to get out and explore some of the more remote beaches

Barnes Bay Anguilla

Barnes Bay is the perfect spot to watch the amazing sunsets in Anguilla. It’s sandy cliffs rest on the western end of the island and is home to Four Seasons Resort and Residences

Black Garden Bay

Blowing Point Anguilla

Cove Bay Anguilla

Crocus Bay Anguilla

Crocus Bay is surrounded by Anguilla’s tallest cliffs. It offers excellent swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. Stop by the gazebo and meet Captain Calvin. He offers amazing tours around the island. Crocus is also home to DaVida;s restaurant and villas.

Island Harbour Anguilla

Island Harbour has waters that feature every shade of blue and turquoise. These stunning waters are the home to many local fishermen and offer a clear view of Scilly Cay.

Limestone Bay Anguilla

Little Bay Anguilla

Little Bay is not easy to access but it is definately worth the effort. It can only be reached by kayack, boat, or a challenging climb over some jagged rock but the views are out of this world.

Little Harbour

Lockrum Bay Anguilla

Lockrum Bay has amazing views of St Martin

Long Bay Anguilla

Long Bay has a pristine white sand beach and calm waters and it the home of such luxury villas as The Villas at Long Bay, Santosha, and Quintessence.

Long Bay Pond

Meads Bay Anguilla

Meads Bay has clear calm waters and relaxed and tranquil vibe. Meads is home the The Beach House and Carimar Beach Club and offers some fantasic dining options like Jacala.

Mimi’s Bay Anguilla

Rendezvous Bay Anguilla

Sandy Ground Anguilla

Sandy Hill Bay Anguilla

Seafeathers Anguilla

Shoal Bay West Anguilla

Sile Bay Anguilla